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If it wasn’t for pedophiles, union whores might be the lowest life form. Then again, no one is better at screwing kids than the National Education Association (NEA). And you might be surprised to learn that Jimmy Hoffa’s Teamsters also help corporations exploit children.

Reamsters Blog

Of course, millions of people know that unions shit on their dues-paying members—workers. Ironically, it sometimes seems that the only thing they excel at is protecting lazy or even corrupt members. As a member of the Teamsters and a former member of the NEA, I can vouch for that urban legend. (Wait until I tell you about the Teamsters’ Butthole Express.)

As a political activist and candidate for public office, I’ve even ran against Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction Terry Bergeson, a former president of the famously corrupt Washington Education Association (an affiliate of the NEA). Her favorite Campaign Treasurer was Judith Lonnquist, a sleazebag who served as the WEA’s attorney.

Since this web site presently consists of just one page, let me get to the point. I’m running for office again, once again challenging Terry Bergeson, and corrupt unions are dominating this race like never before. The media were furiously promoting some slimeball named Rich Semler, who was quickly endorsed by the WEA.

Things began getting interesting when Semler dropped out. No problem, the corporate establishment simply shifted its allegiance to another union whore, Randy Dorn, executive director of the Public School Employees of Washington (PSE). There was just one tiny problem. It was revealed that Dorn tried to persuade legislators to pass legislation that would vastly enhance pensions. The catch: Just two people would have benefited, Dorn and a fellow union lobbyist.

This isn’t just a rumor. Read Friends in High Places and OSPI candidate Randy Dorn tried to get his pension padded. In fact, it looks like PSE may be trying to transform these pension games into a cottage industry. (See Probes Look at Pension Benefits: Earnings Go to 2 Ex-Lawmakers, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Dick Clever, April 16, 1993)

This puts the media, Democrats, Republicans, unions and other assorted scum in an extraordinarily awkward position. Apparently, Bill Gates or some other higher power decreed that only Terry Bergeson and Randy Dorn should be promoted during the primary election, with most of the attention showered on Dorn.

In plain English, an army of corporate whores are openly cheering for a man who’s an obvious sleazebag and a union whore to boot. I’m not aware of any newspapers that have even mentioned Dorn’s pension boosterism save the Tri-City Herald and News Tribune, and even they seem to have forgotten all about it. The situation would be humorous if it wasn’t so sick.

What is a Reamster?

On this web site I generally use the term Reamsters to refer to corrupt unions in general. However, it was obviously inspired by the Teamsters, so let me make a few comments on those assholes.

Everyone knows who Jimmy Hoffa is, or was. More important is WHAT he was - a whore for the Mafia. A convicted criminal who served nearly a decade in prison (after being pardoned by another corrupt asshole, Richard Nixon), Hoffa disappeared in 1975.

What the general public doesn’t know is that the Teamsters’ current president is Hoffa’s son, James P. Hoffa. Does that mean the Teamsters are still bed with the Mafia? Not at all; like so many other unions, they’ve merely shifted their loyalty to corrupt corporations.

To illustrate my assertion, consider the United Postal Service (UPS). The starting salary was once $14. Though I haven't yet researched the precise dates, that salary was apparently effective as far back as 1985.

Now, imagine if the salary was frozen at $14, while the cost of living continued to rise. Imagine if UPS employees were still working their butts off for a lousy $14 an hour a quarter century later.

In fact, the starting salary has actually DECREASED to $8.50 an hour! In November 2007, a new contract was passed that froze the salary at $8.50 for the next five years. With the cost of gas, food and everything else rapidly increasing, that might sound insane. But it gets still worse.

New hires now won’t even receive any medical benefits for their first year on the job. Nor will they receive one day of vacation. No paid holidays. Not even a single day of sick leave.

The irony is that those hypocritical bastards who call themselves the “Brotherhood” of Teamsters love to chant “Solidarity!”

By the way, that contract was shoved down employees’ throats. When I find time, I’ll share some of the details with you. In the meantime, one veteran employee told me that recent contracts were passed after the Teamsters told workers they’d receive a bonus if the contracts were ratified. Gee, nothing wrong with buying votes, is there?

But what about the on-the-job protections the Teamsters provide? When I attended a Teamsters initiates meeting, some union exec said, “Now you’ve probably heard stories that the Teamsters protect lazy works. Well, I want you to know that just isn’t true!”

That man was a bald-faced liar. In fact, I work with a lazy, whining asshole who wouldn’t have lasted one day at the post office. The Teamsters give this jerk more attention than the rest of us combined - even when he shits on his own co-workers. (Did I already mention the Butthole Express?)

And if that isn’t bad enough, I think I’ve even found evididence that Jimmy Hoffa is in bed with George W. Bush. But more about that later.

Right now, I’m in the middle of a campaign for public office and just don’t have time to develop this web site. Suffice it to say that I have much more information about corrupt unions, particularly the National Education Association and Teamsters, to share with you.

Oh, just for the record, I’m not anti-union. I think of unions as a necessary evil, similar to government. But I have no use for corrupt unions. When union officials lie to the dues-paying members who pay their salaries and help corporations screw’em, then it's time for war.

Until next time,

David Blomstrom

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